communicating requirements

Communicating requirements to project participants is the key to establishing the basis for building a product to "conform to the requirements." Poor communication is often the cause of imprecise specifications that a vendor, subcontractor, or implementation team will be working on. The most critical point at which the communications have the chance for being misinterpreted is _.

A)During the planning phase when little is fully understood about the project's requirements

B)During close-out when all parties are attempting to terminate operations and move all assets

C)At meetings and conferences when the agenda limits the subjects to be discussed

D)The interface between the project team and suppliers of services or products





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A could be appropriate as Requirements gathering, identifying the stakeholders, communication plan & Risk management, are building blocks for communication?

isthat right answer?


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 Risk is higher at beginning, It reduces as project progresses

High at Initiation than planning than execution than closing



 The answer is given as D with no explanation

 I chose D by the method of elimination.Here is how....

Firstly the question asks for "he most critical point at which the communications have the chance for being misinterpreted is" and doesnt mention that the requirements have a chance for misinterpretation therefore option 1 may not be the best option.

The second option is obviously not the best one because the attempt to close project doesnt warrant misinterpretation of communication.

The third option is close however , if there is a clear agenda for the meeting then the chances of misreprentation of communication is less but definetely possible.

The fourth option is the best option to be correct because if the inteface (say telephone signal) that is used for communication has a lot of noise induced then the chances of communication to be misinterpretted is very high (higher than option C). Therefore the best option among the four to have major the commucations to be misinterpreted is option D.

Hope this helps.