closing process

Hi all,

Im having some trouble understanding administrative closure i.e what is it  and what happens during admin closure?

2 questions abt the same:-

Q1 which are the 2 processes that are developed to establish interaction to perform closure activities across across entire project or phase :

1.Audit closure and work product validation

2.contract closure and administrative closure

Q2 what happens during administrative closure:

1.stakeholder satisfaction survey

2.Gathering lessons learnt

I dont have the answers but please help with likely responses with explanations?

Administrative closure is closing out project/phase(process).

Now to answer your first question, the Contract closure and administrative closure are the two activities to perform
closure activities. When the project's product is scope verified then the first task to close all procurement for that
phase/project, and next is the close project/phase. Lessons learnt are noted, project files are archived during the
close project/phase process.

Q2, During adminstrative closure, two major tasks are performed: 1. Project archiving and 2. Lessons learnt
gathering, apart from the final deliverable that was produced.

Hope this helps...