Can PM approve change request which does not influence scope, time or costs?


I'm studying for PMP, and I'm not sure what is PMP opinion about this question: can PM approve (without CR board) a change request, which don't influence scope, time or cost?

OK, I know what is the right procedure if change request influences those baselines, but what if it does not? What if PM analysis CR, which customer demands, and finds out that it does not have any impact to any project constraint? Does PM has the authority to approve this CR on his own?

I would say that still not, since this is a change from scope, contract etc., no matter if it does not have any impact - it still needs to go through change request board for approval. I'm I right?

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 Can you give an example of a CR, which will not have any impact to project constraint ?

In my opinion , it would not be a CR then, its a request and PM has authority to accomodate requests from customer. 



I meant CR, which will not has negative impact on schedule or cost - it will not prolong schedule or increase cost, but it is a great importance to customer.

So, can PM accept a change, which is very important to customer, and will not have negative impact on mentioned constraints?

I think, that this is still CR which has to follow the same proces like other CR's (change control board etc.), but I'm not sure. I also think that for PMI situation is goldplatting. Am I right?

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hi Urskhah

Can you think of some example where it would be a CR and still not impact schedule /cost or triple constraint ? I am trying to understand your question.

If it is important to customer it will have some impact on the project's triple constraint and PM cannot just approve the CRs without consulting the stakeholders .

admin, example is that e.g. customer wants work done to different procedure. This procedure won't impact the scope or cost or schedule, work can be done almost the same, it is also not requested by the contract how the work should be done. But, it was written in project documentation and agreed with customer that it will be used procedure A, but customer now wants procedure B. Can PM decide him self about accepting the change or should he send it through CR board?

I have found this question in one of online tests, but unfortunatelly I can't find again it to copy-paste it. Since answer was unclear, I just wanted to double-check it.

Maybe I comlicate it to much, now when I think again I'm convinced that it still needs to go through CR board...

Tnx and KR.

Project could be layered in 3 levels as following:

Project Scope: deliverables> workpackages> activities

In my opinion, any changes that only impact at Activity level, PM can take it up on himself/herself. But the changes that impact at Work package level or higher, PM needs to get approval from Change Control Board.

I'd like to hear from you.

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