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Can anyone help me, what is the answer of below mentioned question with detail.

You are using straight line depreciation to compute the value of your computer after three years. If the current cost is $1000, what will be the value after three years assuming that the computer's life is five years.

  1. $0

  2. $400

  3. $500

  4. $600


 After 5 Yrs - 0

After 4 Yrs - 200

After 3 Yrs - 400

After 2Yrs - 600

After 1 Yr - 800

Aftwe 0 Yr - 1000

Thanks a lot TRVi, now its clear to me.



I guess the right answer is B. Even though it increases the cost but gives you a firm and positive result. So B is the right solution for the best college essay writers project. Anyhow please let us know in the end with the correct option.