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Please answer this and probably with the expalnation:

 A. You are a project manager of a project. You have organized a meeting to plan risk management. Who could be attendees for this meeting?
2.Team members
3.anyone in organization who is responsible to manage risk planning
4.All of the above

B. You are a project manager of a project. How you determine whether it is better to make a product or buy a product?
1.Decision Tree Analysis
2.ROI Analysis
3.Ishikawa Diagram
4.Root Cause Analysis


C. The risk of financial gain or loss are called?

1.Business Risks
2.Financial Risks
3.Organizational Risks
4.Functional Risks



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I would rather, let you guys debate and decide the answer. This would keep the forum healthy and a place to explore and try things. However, in case you have any questions/concerns, do post it here.

Saket, PMP

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The answers are:

1) 4 - We need the input from all the above peoples during plan risk management process. 

2) 1 - Decision tree is the method to determine whether to make or buy a product.

3) 1 - I think it's a business risk when risk of financial gain or loss will occur.

Pls. update me with your answers.


All three are right. Great!