Another Quality chaos

A project manager is worried about the costs on the project. There is a lot of rework, and
the scrap and inventory costs are rising. If you were a mentor to this project manager, what is
the BEST advice you could offer?
a) Such effects are the nature of the projects and not to worry
b) Improve quality training and throw a milestone party
c) Look at sunk costs
d) Look at marginal costs
Does the 2nd part of B make it wrong. I mean "theow a milestone part"? Cost is already a problem in project right?

It depends who is paying ? And what is the budget for the party ?

A party does not mean that you are going to buy expensive meals and wines with some high end entertainment. 

There were a situation like that in my last job. The project team had to work overtime because of a project which lasted more than the usual 6 AM to 4 PM schedule. They had to work 30 minutes extra (OT) because of unknown unknown risks culminating into rework. They were grumpy. Their morale was low.

Next day, i brought them breakfast burrito. We were socializing during our break with burrito and coffe in our hands. I paid for it from my own pocket. It was a team of 9-10 members. It was not expensive.

A pot-luck during lunch break is also a party. The project team brings items like chips and salsa etc while the management arrage for steak. This is also a party. 

These kind of activities are the great way to enhance the positive vibes among the team members. 



Hey.. thanks for your detailed reponse.

Thanks makes perfect sense. I didn't think of it that way. I can totally relate to what you are saying.