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Please see a fiver again or a collection of 5 more questions. The questions are good....


1.       Three programming activities must be completed on time, in order, to begin testing on time. The 1st two activities have a 0.90 probability of being completed by the date. The 3rd has a 0.80 probability of being completed on time. What is the probability of starting the testing on time?

                        A.      0.65

                        B.      0.70

                        C.      0.72

                                 D    0.87

2.       Which of the following is NOT true about Proj Mgmnt Info System (PMIS)

A.      They are based on electron databases.

B.      They support push and pull info access methodologies.

C.      They are used to gather, integrate, and disseminate info about the project.

D.      They are used to support all aspects of the project from initiation to Close out


3.  The ability to sense evolving problems before they can be detected is critical to project success. In the acquire project team process one must therefore pay particular attention to which of the following characteristics?

        A.      Ability to recognize programming potential

        B.      Availability, ability, and experience

        C.      PMP Certification

        D. Skills that will complement and supplement those of the project managers

4.  Which change requests can have implications for the project management plans, policies, procedures, schedules, costs, and budgets?

A.      Rejected

B.      Deferred

C.      Declined

D.      Approved

5.   You are working on a project with multiple key SHs who express some conflict with regard to the project scope of the project. You therefore realize that you must give careful attention to the PICC. What are you concerned with?

A.      Carefully managing the primary baselines of scope,  time, and cost throughout project execution

B.      Creating an effective CCB with well-defined procedures.

C.      Identifying the precise nature of the SH conflicts and developing appropriately detailed documentation of acceptable compromises.

D.      The factors that create changes, deciding if a change occurred, and managing changes that do occur


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Here are my answers..

1 - No idea how to calculate
2 - A
3 - B
4 - D
5 - B


Hi Ramana,


1. Just multiply all the probabilities or 0.90 x 0.90 x 0.80 and "A" (0.65) is what you get.


5. Is PICC related to DMPE?




1 - 0.90*0.90*0.80 = 0.648 ---- A
    0.90*0.80 = 0.72 ---C
    which is correct ? I think A right ? we need to consider 2 activities with 0.90
5. PICC comes under M&C PG and DMPE under Executing...not clear about your Q.
    I think B has CCB, I choose that related to PICC


Regards, Ramana...

Hi Ramana,

1. The first question very clearly says two cases of 0.90 probability. Why assume then? Its a clear case 0.90 x 0.90 x 0.80 = 0.6485 and A is the closest so we pick A.


5. You are true. However, my point was, "Is it the best answer"? Of course, PICC is done in MCPW but the work is indeed carried out in DMPE.


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Thanks KK for the clarification.

Let us know the answers for all the questions.


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All true mate....


Great going...


Warmly, KK...

yes I also go for AABDD.

One q on Prob

You are considering the decision to go for a contract. The probability of completing a contract is 92% and if the project fails to complete the contract then the associated risk is $10,000 which will be charged as penalty. What is the expected value of your decision?

A.    800

B.    -800

C. -1000

D. 9,200


Respected Pawarji Sir,


Ideally, I should not be attempting on any question pertaining to Maths, still thought I might prosper under your guidance.

I feel the answer should be 10000 x 92% =  9200 or D.


Rest on your guidance respected Pawarji Sir.


Warmly, KK....

 Since the question is talking about the risk of not meeting the contract obligation:

it should be 8/100*10000=800

Since this is going to impact negatively , it should be -800

So I go with Option "B"

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Yes, its -800