25 PmZilla are they tough ?

i have scored 64 % in this 25 questions (16 out 25)... so am i ready for my exam which is in 3 days . hope you say yes. 

here is my other test results :

Oliver 175... 77 %

oliver 75Q... 72 %

PM study1... 74%

Kim Bonues Exam 1... 70%

Kim Bonus Exam 2... 73%

solved Rita end of chapters question with 5-7 mistakes out of 35 as avg.

solved Kim end of chapters questions with 3-4 mistakes out of  20


i have dedicated full 38 days studying  (4 hours dails. PMBOK 3 times, KIm book twice).


So what do yoy think ?


Yes its tough compared to actual exam. I guess you are good. You can try Andycrowe 200 qns if you have time. Also 3 paid exams of pmstudy is also good.

Thank you just wish me luck my exam is the day after tommorow :S

Whats the result of your exam?

 Wish you all the best