You have recently joined as a project manager...


You have recently joined as a project manager of an equipment manufacturing company. Your project sponsor stresses the importance of obtaining stakeholders` formal acceptance of completed deliverables. This should be done: 



Choice 1

At the end of the project



Choice 2

At the end of each project phase



Choice 3

After deliverables are completed and ready for review



Choice 4

After project milestones are defined



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I went with 2 as well. Ans is 3.


Verify Scope is the process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables. Verifying scope includes reviewing deliverables with the customer or sponsor to ensure that they are completed satisfactorily and obtaining formal acceptance of deliverables by the customer or sponsor. 

I think there is no "Verify scope" , it should be validate scope in PMBOK V5.



-3 becouse Formal acceptance will occurre in verify scope , and to verify scope , you will have to have validated deliverables which comes from Quality Control...

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It talks about the completed deliverables not accepted deliverables, so Project closure and phase cloure can be eliminated. anyway 4th option is not correct, so left with 3rd option, apparently it is Verify Scope.



CN Patil

 yes, it talks about scope verification process. This is done to ensure customer accept the deliverables. It happens before Close Project or Phase process.