I have seen many of my colleagues totally confused when it comes to selecting the right Scrum Master or Agile certification course. Even when I wanted  to do the Scrum Master course, had to face the same problem. Scrum is a hotcake these days with more than 80% of IT companies adopting Scrum methodology for product development. Scrum enables the organization to quickly adapt and adjust with the ever changing needs of the client and thus the final product will satisfy the client’s needs to the maximum.

There are many Scrum courses available and you cannot blindly choose any. As far as Scrum training is concerned, from my personal experience I can tell you that just a certificate will not do. After you take up any course on Scrum, you should be in a position to effectively implement scrum in your organization without facing much hiccups. So you need to select a Scrum Master training which is practical oriented and gives you real life exposure. Keep in mind that Role plays and case studies play a major role in Scrum master training.

Last month I was attending a Scrum gathering in Los Angeles, CA where I got a chance to meet several experts and professionals who had successfully implemented scrum in their organization. One gentleman who works for one of the IT giants suggested me this site: www.scrum-master.info for people who are looking for Scrum Master training. It has a very good analysis on various scrum courses available in the market. Also there are some active and interesting discussions on Scrum and Agile. Over all, a good platform for knowledge sharing!


 Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

Thanks for this write-up.  Really useful. I found some good discussions on Scrum-Master.info