who is the best person to create lessons learned?

who is the best person to create lessons learned?

I am came across this question from two authors with following choices:

1: customer

2: sponsor

3: project team

4: stakeholders

Strangely one author says "stakeholders" and other says "project team".

can someone please shed light on this? thanks.

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I would say Project team. Stakeholders is all the people involved. Narrowed group is project team. Hence its right.

Its like asking Who stays in USA - "People" or "American citizens".  All people may not stay in USA but Americans would surely stay there.  Likewise all stakeholders may not participate in LL but project team would certainly work on it. 

if the all answers are wrong & only one is partially right you should choose it.

project team is a part of stakeholders.

stakeholders include sellers and they may have an experience you don't possess.

so their lesson learned are very important



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