What's the best PMP prep book you used?

I am prepping for the PMP and have read through a couple of texts that seem good (obviously, besides the PMBOK). I was wondering what others who are prepping for the exam are using. There are so many texts out there (e.g., http://astore.amazon.com/qualitechnwri-20) and I am not sure which one is the best. I like the McGraw-Hill Guide to the PMP, which goes into more logical details of the phases and calculations and when they are needed. I also like the PMP Review Guide by Sybex. What is everyone else using?




I am also preparing to take the PMP exam and truthfully I am exhausted.  This will be my second attempt and I bought the PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition by Rita Mulcahy.  Very good explanation and a lot of simulation tests.

Good luck on your preparation!




I'm actually using both books - McGraw-Hill and Rita. I'm happy with both. McGraw-hill's book is very focused on what you actually need to know to pass the exam. Rita's book provides a lot of interesting background information.

Good luck on your PMP exam


We recommend PMBOK® and at least one other book from Rita Mulcahy, and Head Strong. While the amount of material you need to cover in order to master the PMP® exam may seem overwhelming at times, it is indeed achievable provided you follow a simple, four-mode revision, reinforcement, review and assessment method using our free app PMP® Exam Mentor. The contents of the app are based on the PMBOK® which to help you understand it very easily and quickly as the app follows the same structure.

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