What is Primary function of the PMIS?

A nuclear system recovery project is in the planning stage and the project manager and his team are discussing the various communication needs of the project stakeholders. As they are considering the stakeholders needs, they decide to use a PMIS (project management information system). Which of the following describes the primary functionality of PMIS?

A. The system accommodates the need to update payroll for the project management team

B. The system accommodates the need to update the charter of accounts for procurement items

C. The system accommodates the need to access functional management records to identify expert judgement candidates

D. The system accommodates the need to send the right information to the right people in a timely and appropriate manner.


Kindly support ur answer with a clear dfinition if possible.

Project Management Information System (PMIS) is a system that keeps track of status of all the project tasks. It is used to track the status of the project

Answer: D

It speaks about PMIS tool can track each & every task in a proper channel & when ever you want to present the project status information to the sponsors/stakeholders....it gives accurate information in a time driven style...




Thanks for the explanations. D is indeed the answer.