Virtual Study Group Needed

 I'm not sure where I should post this request, but this seems more general than the others.

Anyone starting a virtual study group soon?  I'd like to take the exam before the changes in July and my application period expires in May.

Thanks everyone.

What are your expectations ?





I am scheduled to take PMP exam on May 22nd.

I was wondering if a virtual study group can be formed especially for people who are scheduled to take exam soon. My expectations of this group would be to discuss Chapter wise topics and take one test every weak and discuss the scores and correction and then retake the test. Kind of a bootcamp where the group will have participants who are all scheduled to take exam within a month or so.

Also keep motivating the group as it is very hard to stay motivated thru the study period.

Please let me know.







i'm also planning to give the exam in June'13. I would like to be part of the virtual study group.

we need to form this study group for the bettre understanding of the topics and one person should act as the moderator so that he can manage communication (if necessary). we need to take inputs for timing as well from the study group partners.

Thanks & Regards

Narinder Kumar