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What is a difference between Primary and Secondary Stakeholder? whom should we consider for project kick off meeting?

Also wanted to understand if project is specifically undertaken for one of the department e.g. project for accounting dept. then in that case whom should the projct manager consider and involve in Project kick off meeting.

PMZilla Admin, positively looking forward for an expert advice from yourside on this.. please help to answer this..

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Primary stakeholders are people who will be directly impacted by outcome of the project. For eg. if constructing a fly over the commuters (Citizens), Construction company,  are primary stakeholders since they will save time.

Secondary stakeholders have more indirect impact from the outcome of the project.people or groups who have a role in the decision-making process without being directly affected by the outcome. These are usually intermediaries in the aid delivery process. These can be agencies, executing agencies, NGOs, etc.

For Kickoff meeting you can invite all primary stakeholders ( or more appropriate would be key stakeholders). However you must know the "Power / Influence" grid and you may leave out people who have low power and low influence and just keep them informed.  Now you cannot call all commuters, so the representatives can be invited for kickoff meeting.

Appreciate your promptness in replying to my concern.

Still few doubts left, please help to answer those as well.

so in nutshell for Project Kick off we should always consider ONLY PRIMARY stakeholders? in a scenario where some stakeholders have legally contracted with the project and some of them don’t, in this case we should always consider ONLY stakeholders which are legally bounded with the project? Correct me if i am wrong here.

and in another scenario where project is specific undertaken for accounting dept. and it is covering all the project objectives of accounting dept only. Then in this case also we will only consider stakeholders from accounting dept. for Project kick off? We will not consider the stakeholders from other dept. who may or may not be impacted with the project outcomes?

I posted the same question on couple of other discussion forum also where majority of response were " we should invlove everyone for project kick off" now i am totally confused.

pmzilla admin now need your expertises help to get me out of this confused situation. need to know what is a best practice and as recommended by PMI.


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I am myself not aware of rule of thumb which says invite everyone for Kick off. It may not be feasible. Remember for PMP you must assume that your project is large and not a small project when answering questions.  If you are constructing a flyover, there will be 20-30 secondary stakeholders, I dont think you can invite everyone for project kickoff. However if you plan to have kickoff meetings where you give broad cast invitation to all stakeholders then the only thing you can do there is show them the charter and keep it open for questions. So it really depends on what people think is project kickoff meeting for

In any case lets not get stuck up on this , I am sure in the context of the question and thinking real time we should be able to get this right.