Two Questions on Rita's book

 First, I failed the exam back in August. Now I am scheduled to take it again in October. I have a good handle on all of the baseline info for the exam as I took a boot camp here through my local chapter using the Crosswinds material. I thought I passed easily and was stunned when i failed. A friend took it the same day and thought for sure he failed, and he passed! My problem, like most is the situational questions. I have 15 years of PM experience.

Anyway, the first question is, I have Rita's 6th addition book that I got from a friend. I havent started it ye. I am considering buying the 7th edition to cover the material for the exam after 8/31.  is there anyone out there that took the exam before 8/31, failed, and is now using the 7th edition for their second try? and if so, can you give me a recommendation on whether or not it is worth it?

Also, Rita provides lists of knowledge gaps. She then instructs to "...research each knowledge gap and clear it from your list" (page 60 in the 6th edition). Are readers doing their research just using the PMBOK, other areas of Rita, or both?


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In my opinion you dont need the 7th edition of Rita. You need to solve more of situational questions for the exam and one of the best sources is PMZilla's book .


 I will agree with the admin. I heard that 7th edition is just copy paste of the 6th edition and you will not get any benifit for spending extra money. Try to solve PM Fast Track Questions that will really help. The key to success is PMBOK. Read as much as you can and then read Rita book. Also do exams on Kim Heldman and do as many free available.

As i examined, the difference between the Rita's PMP Exam Prep 6th and 7th Edition is that - the 7th Edition is a consistent complementary of the PM Fastrac v7 PMP Exam Simulator which is also Rita's product.