Tricks for some questions


We all know there are some questions from all KA that seems very hard to respond, one reason is at least 2 options are very close to the real answer.

Do you have any tricks/notes to answer to different types of questions? 

You can put your notes here, it will be helpful for all of us.

Thanks !



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The reason 2 options seem correct initially is because we are not able to distinguish between the right and wrong answer and that will only come with practice. Remember "The more distinctions you can make the more intelligent you are "... and  ... PMP exam is about practicing and being able to make more distinctions by mastering the theory...  but there is no need to memorize stuff. Some tips

* look for words like "always", "never" generalizations are usally not the correct answer

* think real world if you are stuck what would you have done or what would the sponsor want you to do .

* Know your theory well especially in time and cost management the order of activities is important.

* Dont make silly mistakes , like misreading the question ... quesiton have words like "EXCEPT" which are generally missed.


Very nice feedback admin. This can really save few marks which are definitely lost if taken care.