Three Weeks Left - Focus and Method?

I'm taking the test on Dec 17th. I've been spending about two hours a night for the past month with weekends off, and doing a lot of practice exams. I generally score in the 65% - 75% range. I'm looking for some advice on how to structure these last three weeks. How should I go about maximizing the time that I have left? 

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My last 2 weeks or so was based purely on simulations, specifically PM Fastrack and PM Study. By now, you should be comfortable with the theory. I am hoping you have thoroughly understood the PMBOK and supplemented it with another source, such as Rita M, etc. In your simulations, try to achieve a minimum of 70% and set aside time to understand your errors in the remaining 30% before you attempt another simulation. Go back to theory if you are still uncomfortable with the correct answer/method.

If by a week before the exam you are averaging around 75% or so, it is then a good indicator for you. If not, don't stress but focus on picking up your knowledge in the Risk, Quality and HR areas. Based on my research and on the actual exam, these areas play a significant role. Also, you have two weekends left before the exam - please dedicate these weekends to studying. I found it better to study comprehensively than intermittently as you are doing so now. It just allows you to round up your knowledge well besides, its the final stretch.

Hope this helps, keep in touch.