Testing in general falls under Quality Assurance or Quality control?


 I need your views on it.

Testing in general falls under QA or QC.

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Testing is QC activity. Since it is appraisal cost. Prevention costs are QA

Remember testing is performed on the PRODUCT, not the process. So, it falls on quality control.

It's good to remember that tests are a kind of inspection, and thus,not the BEST way to invest in quality (but are VERY important to avoid defects to reach customer's hands).


Quality should be planned, design and built-in, not inspected in, remember?


I'm telling you this because in SW development (my area) most people say the test is the best way to have quality. BIG mistake. You should invest in better design and implementation.


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Quality control. Quality assurance is more of the documentation of things while QC is the actual product conformity. - Doug Battista

Testing in general falls under quality assurance or quality control? Really it is showing all the testing and general points before under falls quality assureance we cannot implement top essay writing service ever. You do or may not be make these quality assurance control better.