Successful completion of PMP Certification - First Attempt

Hi All, 

Whenever I read the posts in this site, I always thought I would contribute to the content, if and when I become a PMP.

I'm glad to write that I was able to clear the PMP exam on 12th Jan, in my first attempt. I would like to thank this forum for providing insights and experience which came pretty handy.

This is how my preparation went:

Day 1: Registered with Proxalt ( for obtaining the 35 hours training.

Registered myself as a member of PMI. PMI Membership plus PMP certification exam fee for members is less than just PMP exam fee for non-members.

Day 1 - Day 13: Studied the slides provided by Proxalt along with a skim of the PMBoK. 

Day 14: Completed the final test for obtaining the 35 hour training Certificate. 

I bought the Rita Mulcahy's book and the Fast Track software. I started reading Rita's book. In the first pass, I read the book at my own leisurely pace, but I made sure I read it properly and also completed the questions at the end of each chapter. The questions are very good and are close to what we get on the exam.

Day 15 - Day 18: Applied for the PMP certification exam with PMI. I recorded the project management hours in an excel sheet first. This came very handy when filling up the online application form.

I also informed my previous/current managers/colleagues that I have mentioned their name and contact info and they might be contacted by PMI in case my application is audited. This is important so that they do not ignore any communication from PMI.

In the meantine, I continued studying Rita's book.

Day 23: I got the mail from PMI with subject "Notification to pay for the PMI credential examination". I was relieved that my application was not seleted for audit. I paid the fees and scheduled the exam.

Day 24 - Day 48: Continued reading Rita and finished one complete pass.

Day 49 - Day 69: In these days, I started focusing on individual chapters. The way I studied was: 

  • Read the chapter from PMBoK.
  • Read the chapter from Rita.
  • Complete the chapter questions from Rita Fast Track.

I did this for all the chapters. By the time I finished with this, I was pretty comfortable with all the topics.

Day 70: I took my first mock test from and got 83%.

Day 72: Cleared the PMP exam. Got "Proficient" in Planning and "Moderately Proficient" in all other knowledge areas.

I would like to answer the most common question which candidates ask "Do I need to memorize ITTOs?". The answer is NO. There were a few questions on that, but if you know the concepts and can use the elimination technique, you could answer these questions easily.

I studied an average of 1-2 hours in the initial 50 days and 3-4 hours in the last 10 days.

Hope this helps the candidates preparing (or thinking about preparing) for the exam. 


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Thanks for your valuable contribution Rahul. Your Daywise break will be very valuable. COngrations on this achievement