Rules for Experience sharing

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PMZilla welcomes all participants to share their experiences about PMP exam . This is really valuable information and the crux of this forum where people can learn from others. You can share your Experiences, observations and the strategies that you have chosen to be successful are truly desired information, as much as the difficulties you were facing, and your responses to them.

Some rules that you must always remember in your own interest.

  1. Never communicate the contents of a question that you have seen in your exam. As candidate for PMP , you have agreed with PMI not to disclose the contents and wording of the true questions, and we are bound by the Code and Ethics and Professional Conduct to adhere to this agreement. Failure to comply can lead to disqualification of your PMP status.
  2. Do not disclose the number of questions you have got on a given topic. Don't assume that all others will see exactly the same questions that you saw. Each candidate gets an own set of questions, and while PMI uses a system called "Modified Angoff" to ensure equal difficulty - statistical difficulty, of course - for all candidates, topics of questions may differ. Even if you have got more questions on one topic , chances are high that others may not get any questions on the same topic.  One candidate may get 30 Math questions and other may get 5 , there is no rule. New questions are developed in a standing process at PMI and replace old ones from time to time. Most of the exam questions in use today have not been in the exam one or two years ago.

PMZilla is the top forum for PMP exam since 2007 and thousands of PMP aspirants have benefited due to the free flow nature of discussions. So while we encourage giving out as much information as possible, i hope following above rules will protect interest of all stakeholders.


Thanking you all for your co-operation. 

We ll said. Thanks Admin.

Dear Admin,


You said it right.. Everyone gets his own and unique exam.. There is no shortcuts to pass a exam which duration is 4 hours and has 200 questions to answer.. Only thourough undertanding can get you PMP with your name..

Mukesh Singh, PMP