Rita Pool of questions ( advice Please )

 Dears , 

can anyone help with this ...? are the same questions of rita mulcahy in Pm Fast track 6 which are  process groups  are the same in knowledge areas , but only in the process groups are divided in the procees group it is related to ........ ??? 




I cannot get what is your problem really?? 

PM Fastrack 6 of Rita is a complementary application for her PMP Prep 6 Edition, while PM Fastrack v7 is complementary to her PMP Prep Book 7th Edition. Questions are similar, tho there are some added; however ,the reference changed. (PMP Prep 7th edition has different page number of course from 6th edition.)


For more professional explanation you may follow me through my other thread at www.pmptrend.com

 Thanks for your reply . 

but you didn't got what i mean , i meant that i am finding the same questions are repeating in the PM fast track 6  , inside it , in the knowledge area and also in the procees groups , 


what i was asking all concerning the PM fast track 6 software on computer , are the same questions in the knowledge areas are just didvided again in the process groups , 

which means if there is a questiobn for the risk managment ? perform qualatitive risk analysis . 

i will find in in the knowledge area named ( Risk mangment ) and i will find it again in the process group named ( Planning ) ?????is that right ??

thanks again 


Right, as far as i know, that is how it was.

I agree , the process group and knowledge questions are in those areas. There are a bank of questions that are related to these areas and willl be included in evry test in those specific areas.

As the database of the questions is same for all the tests, what is the best time to start using the simulator?

1. after completing each chapter i.e., after each knowledge area or

2. after completeing all the chapters i.e., complete all the knowledge areas?

then, do the mock tests and go through all the questions in the reading mode?



Dears ,

it seems to be right , its written inside the software that it consists of 1400 questions and when i counted , its exactly 1458 questions , even containging the super pmp exam , repeated into two times ,

the first one in the knowledge areas and the second in the process groups with the same questions ,


 That helps in planning the preparation. I bought the sw but postponing the usage till I,m done with PMBOK & Rita.

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