Random Questions 1

Question : In an automobile company for which you are the project manager, the allowable standard deviation for a product required from the contractor is within 0.002 inches. However, while examining the product, you find out that the standard deviation is slightly more than 0.002 inches. You believe that the deviation is very small and hence, acceptable. In this case you must:
1. Allow the product because it is a very small deviation from the company standard, which you think is  acceptable.
2. Document the lower quality level, ask the contractor for explanation and try to find a solution 
3.  Reject the product outright
4. Allow the lower standard this time but inform the contractor to be more quality conscious going forward

1. Correct Choice: 2

Justification: Any decrease in quality level should be documented and discussed with the contractor. If there is a small decrease from the required quality, rejecting the product outright(Choice 3) is extremely harsh. Similarly, allowing for lower quality (Choice 1 and Choice 4) is not advisable.

Answer B seems the obvious choice as Options A and D are not correct. The debate is between C and D but D seems better.