Question - Parametric Estimate

17. The biggest disadvantage of the parametric estimate is?
a. It is just like an analogous estimate
b. It does not take cross-functional dependencies into
c. There really is no disadvantage
d. The solution may not scale

A detailed explanation would be appreciated.  I will post the answer after some time. Also, I am note sure what it means by "The solution may not scale"

 Parametric estimation means estimation taking into account parameters, most probably from a standard source or past experience. e.g FP is an example of Parametric estimation, where we associate certain standard factors with certain criteria.


However, the disadvantage, as I see it is, if the same functionality needs to be written for various complexity or in different context, the parameteric values might fail to estimate accurately.


In my opinion D is correct answer.

We can use cross functionalities in regression analysis to arrive at estimate of activity duration.



 The meaning of this is that sometimes some estimation techniques may work for smaller projects but not work for bigger projects. So they say it doesnt scale 

Correct. Rightly mentioned.

Parametric estimating takes account into parameters that may not be covered when apply in larger context. So it seems not scale