Decomposing the major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components to provide better control is called:

a. Scope planning
b. Scope definition
c. Scope baselining
d. Scope verification

Answer given is B but I do not understand how Scope definition we do Decomposing

Dear Mr. bHatt

Define scope (PMBOK 4) or scope definition (PMBOK 3) are similar in this scenario.

To understand  why this answer:

Scope could not be measured at main deliverable in most of the cases.

for example

there is a Big project of Induries like of TATA STEEL

In one line main Deliverables is to set up a steel industry of 10MTPA capacity.

But how will you estimate what will be the budget.

there are 1000 and 1000 small components - which are required to inlist from bigger deliverables and wbs and work packages, then only we can estimate their cost and then can be estimated.

This defined way is called define scope in terms schedule time, cost quality etc..

that is why answer is B.

Other 3 are different - you can refer books.


Even without refering to PMBOK, just a very simple analogy of the question and elimination options for the choices, obviously the answer is scope definition.

here is my explanation.

First, understand decomposition. We can describe decomposition as breaking down of a major activity into smaller detailed activity. Therefore, what is the other meaning of decomposition?

From the choices, would "planning"be? NO. Would baselining be? NO. Would "verification" be? NO. So the best answer is "definition" because you cannot break down activities if you dont know what the activities meant for.

I guess "scope planning" which is option A is the right answer but I am not sure about it. Please confirm the correct answer on website as soon as you got it. The rest of the information was entirely supplementary.