Q: How to eliminate answers

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Does anyone have a source or any tips that break down a way to eliminate 1 or 2 answers?  I need to know how the test makers think.  I know there is a pattern/methodology to the way the questions/answers correlate, but I just don't understand it yet.

Don't tell me to just keep studying.  That's no fun.

There is no straight forward formula/method.  You have to not only read books, but understand each and every term, its meaning, its chronological order in the process.  You should be able to analyze and explain yourself why etc.  The exam makers mind is to test you along these lines.  For situational questions, they give you 4 possible scenarios and try to judge whether your top priority of selection is the FIRST BEST THING or not.  For mathematical questions, they provide answers calculating with 3 incorrect formulas and one correct formula and test whether you fall into the trap.  For other questions, they give 4 right answers but out of those 3 right answers/statements are right for a different question.  They again test you whether you fall into the trap.   You need rigorous preparation, practice of several hundreds of questions, self check and keep on correcting yourself and your understanding and analysis as you progress



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Thanks.  Good info for me to mull over...but I know there is a pattern to their questions!