A project manager knows

1.       A project manager knows that she can delay the start of certain activities within the project schedule to coincide with the mitigation of the known risk. She knows exactly the work and duration needed, should the risk event occur. She is confident that the finish date will not be impacted by the time delay. Which of the following aspects of schedule development has the project manager used in this situation?

a) She has relied on her certainty that for risk planning purposes, assumptions are considered to be true, real or certain

b) GERT probability factors provide her with certainty that there will be activities in the current schedule that will not be performed at all

c) Her float calculations have revealed those activities that allow sufficient time for the inserted activities.

d) The project manager’s risk management plan was to built in buffer time to all the project activities during schedule development in order to cover any risk event occurrence.

Pls let us know the ration for selecting the answer choice?

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Answer should be C. She knows how much an activity can be delayed without delaying the whole project , which is the float of an activity. 

What does the word "inserted activities" means in C?

Yes C is the correct answer

D is wrong because you cannot build buffer into all the activities right...

The question refering to Known-Unkown risks.  The PM has Risk Response Plan(i.e. Some contingency activities to perform work to solve this risk).   Once this risk occurs, the PM is going to insert this contingency activities where the float is available.