Project Management Survey- How to utilize Project Management effectively

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Stakeholder satisfaction, timely delivery and staying within budget top the list of measures that indicate successful projects. Unsuccessful projects are more often linked to internal versus external project factors; bad estimates/missed deadlines, scope changes and insufficient resources comprise 50% of the reasons for project failure.
Investing in staff development can pay off
Staff development program have the greatest impact on project performance when they are used on a regular basis.  43% of respondents always or often use these programs.
Project management certification has links to high-performing projects
Higher-performing projects are significantly more likely to be staffed with certified project managers. In fact, 80% of projects classified as high- performing use a certified project manager.
Using a project management methodology increases the likelihood of higher-performing projects.
The use of project management methodologies is widespread; 77% of respondents have a documented, company-wide project management methodology. However, opportunities exist to strengthen components of existing methodologies. Organizations that do not have a project management methodology reported lower-performing projects.
A positive correlation exists between project management software and project performance.
The use of project management software is commonplace, and for good reason — it is linked to high-performing projects.  77% of companies use project management software.
Overall, project reporting improvements are needed.
While project management software is routinely leveraged for reporting, it is seldom used for the most common of all reports — cost reporting. Only 23% of cost reporting is generated from project management software.
Portfolio management is of significant value.
The focus on building portfolio management capability is on the rise; 53% of respondents have a portfolio management process, an increase of 7% over the 2004 survey .
Project Management Offices (PMOs) perform back-office/coordination functions of the surveyed organizations, 80% of respondents have a dedicated Project Management Office.
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