Professional Responsibility questions

I came across this question on PMStudy. Could fellow members of PMZilla help me with correct answer?

 The seller`s project is undertaken on contract and you are an employee of the seller. Since you earlier worked with ABC Bank, the buyer, you happen to be aware of the evaluation criteria used in ABC Bank to select sellers. You understand that this could be a potential conflict of interest situation. How do you propose to act?

  Choice 1  Do nothing and continue to work as before 
  Choice 2  Take appropriate person in ABC Bank into confidence and discuss this issue with her 
  Choice 3  Disclose the evaluation criteria to your (seller) organization and help their business growth 
  Choice 4  Remove yourself from the project  

My feeling is the "Evaluation Criteria" as referred in the question is source selection criteria which is part of procurement documents. Since it is part of RFP etc.. this criteria is anyway know to all the bidders. So issue of conflict of interest doesn't arise.  (Rita, edition 6, page 445)  Any thougts?



 I think the Answer is 4 , It does not states that its the General evaluation creteria which is publically announced, every company has confidential information about certain processes and that person can pose a conflict of interest and can result in a legal issue.

Since the conflict of interest involves the employee and the bank, then the employee has to disclose the issue to the concerned party which is the bank.

Accordingly, the correct answer shall be choice (2)