Dear All members

I am going to buy the PMStudy 4 exams,  does anyone try to buy the chapters exams form PMStudy ?? is it good to pay extra 50$ for them or not ?? i need your advise cause i am going to enter the exam after 21 days from now


Nagy Saad

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My advise is just buy 2 test from PM Study and maybe 1 from some other source. I had taken only 2 tests of PM Study and their free tests, and I think it was enough.



Buy Test 3 and Test 4

I need to buy one of these exams, what do you guys suggest.

BTW, I already have pmstudy 4 and insite (Andy Crowe) along with free exams available on the net.


Need to practice one more before I write my exam. Any help...



 Try PMPQ, the questions are good, and you will be prepared for the exam.

Good luck

Best regards

The link is

You can also opt for brainbok test. I bought that it was really difficult one for me . Eye opener one 

 After completing the free test from PMstudy today I bought the Test 2. Hope I made a good decission. Thank you all for the feedbacks.


Today I bought the 3rd exam pack from

So far so good.

Hi Karlene, I have 6 days to go for the exam. I have already taken pmstudy free test. I am planning to buy more from pmstudy, howver cant make up my mind if i should buy all 3 or just test 3&4. Based on your experience with test1 and test2, are they very similar ? What do you suggest ?



 Hi Shweta,

They are not simillar. you can buy 2 and 3 test from

All the best!

 Hi Shweta,

How is every thing going? How was your exam?

The questions provided by PMstudy are good as I have taken sample tests of it. I am also planning to take its 4 tests and I think its worth it


I have completed the 4 tests offered by PMstudy and I am planning to attend Pmstudy classroom course soon.


 Hi Nagy Saad,

I would suggest you go ahead wwith your plan of getting the exams from PMstudy. I had undertaken PMStudy course and feel that their study material is very qualitative and would help in your preparations.All the best:)


Hi.....Not sure if you have used PMstudy PMP test. Do let me know the feedback. I am planning to take one of the online course from them.

Cn someone help me with this... any feedback on PMstudy online test... Although I have received lot of positive response from my friend, however, confirmation from some o you will help...thnx

Hi All,

Did anyone took the exam recently? Is purchasing test 2 or test 3, a good choice ?

Hello guys,I am looking for a PMP study partner.I have also put my study schedule and profile on . I've also signed up for the PMP webinar in case you guys are planning to go for it.Just respond in case you are interested. 

Hello Nikhil, i have sent you a PM too. I am planning to take my exam in the new year. Lets try to connect and see if we can work it out. Thanks! - Kannan

PMStudy provides a good simulator but it is not the best.

You can read a detailed review and comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulators to find out the best one - Best PMP Exam Simulator

The above comparison includes PMStudy simulator.

Good luck.

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