PMPQ sample question

 This is a question included in PMPQ Lite version:

You've been hired into a company as a project manager whose express purpose is to take over the management of a significant project that is currently behind schedule and over its budget. After reviewing the project management plan, you see that there are no documents associated with analyzing stakeholders. Consequently you gather the project team members, and, with their input, identify all potential and actual project stakeholders and all relevant associated information (such as their roles, departments, interests, knowledge levels, etc.). The next thing you should do is:


A) Idenfify the stakeholders's potential impact and classify them

B) Contact the stakeholders to determine their information needs

C) Assess how the stakeholders are likely to react in various situations

D) Plan how to influence the stakeholders to maximize their support of the project

To see the answer go to, try PMPQ Lite, and go to question number 3 of Stakeholder Management (Knowledge Areas section).

 The correct answer is A.

You've completed the first step in stakeholder analysis. Now you need to understand how various stakeholders may have an impact on the project and classify them. That will then enable you to develop management strategies for significant stakeholders.