PMP Study Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


PMZilla has been a very excellent resource for all people involved in project management for many years now, it has helped so many of us to get through the tough challenges in preparing and passing the exam, I thought we must plan a proper PMZilla Fan Club!!!! Any thoughts please?

I also wanted to share with you all that there is a small study group of sincere people just now in Toronto, Canada who are meeting on a once-weekly basis with the target of clearing the PMP by mid-June, 2013. It would be excellent if you or any one you know would like to join the group with similar plans.

These once-weekly meetings mainly consist of exchanging questions, going trhough a sample test, exchanging notes or brain dump ideas and quick-fire session of verbal question answer from each team member and ITTO practice.

Three cheers for PMZilla and its excellent contributors, you rock!!!


I am planning on taking the exam somtime mid-june too, right now, right night I am attending a class in PMI chapter on the other side of Lake Erie,

please shoot me an email about the detail  aknicet at gamil dot com



I am planning on giving my PMP in December and I would like to join a study group or a study partner in Mississauga or Oakville.


Hi aknicet,

Thank you for your reply. But you are really very far away to participate physically in the study group. Wish you all the best in your preparations for the exam.



Hi Shelyna,

Thank you for your e-mail, actually we are not meeting only in downtown Toronto, we can meet up in Mississauga, or in North York or in Scarborough, it is done by consensus during the group meeting. So it is not that we are meeting only in downtown Toronto. We have also met at York Unversity few times, there are ample good and quite places to sit and conduct our group question answer session.

Refreshments are voluntary, sometimes some people get some refreshments, some other times not. So it is very much a personal decision matter and I hope this answers your second question.

Our aim is to help each other in getting over the hurdles in studies and also to keep the spirit of competition high, so all get the advantage of being a part of the group.

We are meeting next time on Sunday at 2PM at the North York Civic Centre Library, please wait at the entrance or if you see a small group of 3 people already there, just ask "PMP Group?' and we will go in to the library. If you happen to come in late, we will be at the 1st Floor reading area in a study room.

See you and welcome to the PMP Group.


 Hi AJ,

this is abdul, I want to write pmp too, sometime by end of June.please let me know how to join your group. I live on donmills and eglinton, across to science center, and My  email is  Thanks


I just came across to share pmp exam experience with follow Toronto pmp study team; I passed pmp exam yesterday, it is very easy, if you know the material very well, I studied ver 4 before, and then the version changed to 5, than it took me a while to sit and focus for studying again for new version. two day's before the deadline of one year, i booked exam one month a a head and pushed myself so hard to understand and learn the materials. i also posted exam hint section of this website about detail question types. your advice for you is, be focused on study, know the process steps as stated in Rita's Chart. dont memorize in/outs and tools, cuze the question related to what is in/out/tools is not as straight forward as it shown in in pmbok, rather what is the tools/in/outs. ie Scope baseline, contains WBS, WBS dictionary and project scope statement, check the detail of exam hints that i provide for more details. Good luck and i am sure you will do it;



I am planning to write the exam soon before the change in January 2016. Please message me if you would like to meet for a study group here in Toronto.