PMP Questions

After the project has been executed for two months, you discover that the task requested by the customer during negotiation were not include in the contract, so you immediately hold a meeting regarding this matter. However, your customer is very displease and believes that your organization is being irresponsible. The meeting and discussion thus are not going smoothly, and your organization start worry this contract could be lost. What should you do?


1  Create a new contact statement of work and contract after getting approval from customer.

2. Hold a high level managers' meeting and discuss the responses.

3. Leave the contract unchanged , but include the task requested by the contract during contract negotiation in the project task

4. Discuss with the customer again and ask them to clearly list the terms that should be include or revised in the contract.


 Which of the following description of the project life cycle and product life cycle is correct?

1. A product life cycle does not always included a project life cycle.

2. A project life cycle always include a product life cycle

3. A project output that contains the product life cycle can be a service

4. A project life cycle doe not always included product life cycle.


Which of the following of the example of Portfolio Management.


1. The senior management decided to accelerate the execution of plan H, so as full fill the customers requirements.

2. The senior management decides to improve the organization project managing ability through progressive elaboration

3. The senior management decided to put teams executing similar projects in the same department so that they can be more effective managed.

4. The senior management decides to terminate project M in plan H after reviewing it's report and transfer project M's to Project N


During which of the following process is the project team most likely to produce a unique and verifiable produce, result and service that is required for completing project


1.  Closing project

2.  Monitor and control project

3.  Perform Quality Assurance

4. Directing and managing Project execution.


Pls answer and with detail explanation

1) Option 4- Once the contract is signed, any subsequent tasks to be added/deleted/modified through Contract Change Management System.  To avoid any repeat slip ups like the first time, you take the customer into confidence and discuss fully and incorporate the mutually agreed terms/tasks in the Contract change. 

2) Option 2.  Product life cycle is a subset of Project Life Cycle

3) Option 3.  Definition of Pportfolio Management - Group similar projects for effective management

4) Option 1- Closing Project has the output of unique product, verifiable result/service



Thanks for your response..mine and your answer are same...but i'm still can not co-related with PM-Book/rita...Any idea where i can refer definition



For Q # 2, Pl. refer PMBOK 4 Section 2.1.2 ; Also JIM Owen's article on Scope Management (you can down load from PMHUB.NET website.

For Q# 3- Portfolio Management - PMBOK 4 Chapter 2 Page 25

THUMBRULE:  Always look into PMBOK first by typing a keyword in the Find box in the pdf file you are allowed to download as a PMI member.  You can navigate through all the instances where your key word is found in the PMBOK.  Also you can use PMBOK Glossary at the end



gents, in regards to question2, project outputs could include service, result or why is answer B correct?

Again for question 4, the question is asking under which process the project output will be produced...shouldn't this be Execute phase (Directing and managing Project execution) as its output is the "Deliverables".

For Q#4, all other choices (2,3,4) are work in progress.  They go through iteration of M&C and execution until internally accepted where as Closing Process involves Verification and Acceptance by the customer.  That is the concluding phase.  Your product/project/service/result is not considered produced until formal acceptance and verification by the customer.



1. Answer is 4. Before creating new contract it is to be checked nothing is left now.

2. Answer is 4. Rest of all are not true with reference to PMBOK.

3. Answer is 4. 1 is project management. 2 is PMO 3 is program management

4. Answer is 4. Deliverables are produced during Directing and managing project execution. Closing does not produce or varify deliverables. Verify scope is also process under Monitor and control, but this process group does not produce deliverables.


Pradeep Sodha