PMP Passed - 31st december 2013- Ending the year with the HIGH

Hey guys,

Today I passed PMP and I am pretty to share my preparation and views on PMP.

1) For sure it's not easy cakewalk. If you want it, you have to go and get it

2) I took close to 90 days of preparation. During the preparation I have given time to understand the real concepts with the practical and business point of view and remembered all the concepts in terms of examples. Below links will help you understand many of the tricky concepts in depth. pls have a look into it once.

3) I used Rita and PMBOK for study purpose. PMBOK is the best source. Understand every concept from Rita and use PMBOK for exam purpose

4) Mock tests:

Please do not attempt all the mock tests available in the market. I will guarantee you none of the mock tests matches actual exam.

Few good sources i used and recommend :

1) Rita 's PM FASTRACK
2) SCRODO's (free for PMI users) - Attempt test FROM # 12 - # 18
3) Oliver's 75 and 175 questions
4) PM Study 200 questions - Not the best

5) When you think are ready for the exam?

The answer is a bit difficult. When your scores are between 80 - 85 % of PMFastrack's super PMP and Oliver's 175 questions, probably you can call yourself ready for the exam.

Do not attempt easy mock tests, score well and assume you are ready. You are not!

Its just perception!!

Cricket example:

Mock tests are like you are playing a Ranji Cricket match in Indian pitches.

Actual exam is like you have to go to Australia , England and perform where all the balls will swing , bounce and sometimes bouncer with a swing. Yes I meant it!

6) My actual exam :

The day before the exam, I prefer not to study. Very light study. Just glance

It was morning 8 AM i have scheduled , i reached the venue @ 7. Had food (got the tiffin box), relaxed, listen to favorite music.

First 15 mins i used it for writing 47 processes, conflict meant, powers of project manager, formulas, Tuckman, etc.

The exam started. I was tensed bit, took 5 deep breaths. I was back to normal.

After 30m minutes i answered 30 questions and 15 marked. During this time i thought i will flunk the exam. I was almost given up! But I used to watch some motivational videos earlier which taught me NEVER GIVE UP until the last minute. So again I took a 5 deep breath and started.

The first 100 question I was able to finish in 100 minutes and took breaks. During this point of time i was not sure of passing the exam.

I took a break for 7 minutes and started again.

This is the interesting part. I finished rest 100 questions in 70 minutes. This 100 questions in a stretch were really a FRUIT for me. And I am sure close to 90 questions I clicked right. This is where I felt I can clear the exam.

After 2.55 minutes I finished 200 questions with 10 unanswered (very long and close to 10 - 15 line questions, few questions were about 15 lines, few questions where there are 2 pages) and close to 45 questions to review.

I took a 7 minute break again and I left with 55 minutes.

I answered remaining 10 questions and all the marked questions. While attempting the last reviewed (45th marked question, @239. 59 minutes) questions I got a message displayed "Time is over" and the screen was black for 2 minutes. My heart beat was 155 count for sure and I was really tensed. Skipped the survey and clicked proceed for the result.

I often read on the websites that if we clear the exam, we will get a "Congratulation" screen first then result. I was looking for congratulation, but result came directly. I thought i flunked :D

But I was a clear WINNER with a big margin (very good no of P’s),Very good proficiency level. Confirmed 3 times passed or not? Then comes the celebration part and I was standing and celebrating, instructor warned me to keep quite :D ha ha :D

Then came outside and waited for the result print out. There were 3 candidates failed the exam and they were struck. Spent time with them understood the root cause of why they failed and given some hint for next success and by the time I got the printout and left the place for the day with dancing, singing and called my wife!

7) I really thank my Wife for all the support and encouragement. She stood by me during my bad times (not getting good no's in mock tests initially, later i picked up).

8) Lastly Sharpening the Saw is the key. We should always keep updating our skills to the market level , industry level. Definitely I am not satisfied with PMP, many more certifications to come. Probably PMP-ACP is the next one J

Please do revert back to me if you have any help needed from my side.

Wish you all a happy new year , Enjoy!

Pradeep S Rao ,PMP

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Congratulations and what a way to end the year. Thanks for posting here.

Thank you!

Hi Pradeep

Many congratulations indeed.Would you be able to advise my below score is enough to take exam on 06 January 2014.

Knowledge Areas Rita Mulcahy-1/Rita Mulcahy-2/Andy Crowe
Chapter 2:Project Management Framework 60%
Chapter 3 :Project Management Processes 60%
Chapter 4: Integration Management 60%/77%/65%
Chapter 5: Scope Management 60%/97%/85%
Chapter 6: Time Management 60%/97%/90%
Chapter 7: Cost Management 77%/89%/75%
Chapter 8: Quality Management 90%/97%/90%
Chapter 9: Human Resource Management 77%/74%/90%
Chapter 10: Communication Management 72%/73%/60%
Chapter 11: Risk Management 63%/74%/65%
Chapter 12: Procurement Management 65%/86%/85%
Chapter 13: Stakeholder Management 60%/70%/70%
Chapter 14:Professional and Social Responsibility 67%/78%/75%
iZenBridge (100Q) 69%
Oliverlehmann (75Q) 65%
SimpliLearn(200Q) in 3:20 HH:MM (17 December 2013) 70%
SimpliLearn(200Q) in 3:35 HH:MM (23 December 2013) 73%
Rita Fast Track PMP Exam 3:47 HH:MM (30 December 2013) 78%
Rita Fast Track SuperPMP Exam (100Q) 2:10 HH:MM (02 January 2014) 61%

Any suggestion will be appreciated.Bit disappointed with the last score of SuperPMP however I felt they are unncessesary hard dont know why.

Hoping your advices.

Dear Friend,
Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.