PMP passed

Hi All, 

I passed today PMP 

Materials I Used: Rita book, PMBOK , Rita PMP Fast Track  and Rita Audio - Hot flash cards. 

I gave PMBOK , till 8 chapters and Rita book 50%  once in Feb 2013, and then booked date but had been postponnning and then registered for July 25th on July 8th and staterd reading seriously. 

Being mother with 2 kids and working full time and travelling 2 hrs daily  and lot of activities, I could not focus. 

But I thought of giving it a try before the version changes as I really did not want to spend again on materials etc. 

I gave Rita a good read - also started writing notes to have better understanding after reading each topic - in my own words. Then revise these next day - before jumping into next topic.  I did excercises back of each chapter twice - to have a good understanding in a row twice. and marked the ones I went wrong . 
I did Time, scope, cost, risk , HR , Framework from Rita PMP Fast track.  And also listened to Rita - Hot topic flash cards in my drive everyday to work.  
I just did PMP (80%) and Super PMP ( 67%)  2 days before the exam.  

I guess bottom line - reading 4-5 days everyday with full focus, doing all Rita excercises and doing couple of practice tests will give you the way to understand and think through the questions. 

None of the questions - looked like Rita's - the wording is so different - but the concepts tested are same. 

Rita covered all - All the way through exam - I felt I know this topic. Ofcourse would have done better with more preparation...but I am glad I went and gave my shot and passed. 

GOOD LUCK TO you all! 




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 Congratulations !