PMP pass 8/3/2014

I was a silent reader of this forum and would like to thank you for your inputs. here are few points I thought I should share:

1. I used only Head First PMP book and nothing else. PMBOK is too dry for me, I tried reading it but did not help much. Head First may be covering 95% but I wont bang my had against everything just for the remaining 5%

2. I took only free tests. I did not spend a penny apart from the one required for PMI membership and scheduling PMP exam.

3. I am a working professional with heavy travel schedule, so I took 2 weeks vacation and studied Head First 3 times in 2 weeks full time. That was enough to clear the exam.

4. My exam was at 8:30 AM but Pro-metric people let me in and start at the exam at 8:15 AM itself. I has 65 questions marked when I finished first go through. I spend another 30 mins for the 65 questions and click on finish exam even though another 30 mins or so were remaining. I skipped the survey and the moment of glory appeared on the screen.

Few tips from my side:

1. Don't panic at all if you don't know the answer. Just mark it and go ahead, you will get enough time to come back for review.

2. Not studying PMBOK at all was a risk, fortunately it did not affect me but this approach may not be suitable for all.

3. I did not spend much time ITTO. As you go through the book once, twice, thrice, you will logically know ITTOs. No need to mug them.

4. I took all the free tests available and sad to say that none of them were close to real exam. some free tests are too easy whereas some as unnecessarily difficult. Sometimes I felt that rather than testing my knowledge, these free tests are trying to trick me. This was not good for the confidence. But there is no alternative to practice tests. I took almost all the free once available.

If any thoughts, let me know.

Well Done

High Risk study plan.

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Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for hosting this wonderful forum and providing folks like me a great platform.