**PMP** is MINE ! ! !

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Congratulations Reshlan on well deserved PMP. You have been active on this forum and have also helped others. Your LL is on the similar lines and it will be of help to others.



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Thank you Admin, you have also contrbuted to my learnings by sharing your learned judgements. By habit, I will continue to assist on this forum.

It's strange, I am now on this forum much more now that I am a PMP than before :-)

 Reshlan, Congrats Dude. Please send me your email adreess. Mine is ndo.ralekoko@gmail.com



WoW Reshlan....Congratulations buddy....a well deserved PMP for a person who was active on PMzilla helping everyone before the exam and I am suure he will do the same after the exam.

Reshlan, I was eagerly waiting for your posts on PMzilla since yesterday evening and was disappointed not seeing it until today morning. Had mixed feeling regarding your results, but my heart said you would clear and My heart was right.

And Yes Reshlam PMP is yours... and most importantly you have written your LL very nicely and to the details. Your LL should really help all the PMP aspirants in the future.


Satish Hebbar


Congratulations dude, I told you were gonna pass !!!!! May be I am psychic or may be not. I read your posts and had a feeling that you had your ducks inline.

enjoy the accomplishment.

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Yeah, you did man! I'm really relieved it is over and for now - I'm just enjoying kick of being PMP :-)

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