PMP Math Questions- Formulae tips and how many questions in exam

Hi,Can you please guide me regarding the sums/ mathematical questions that would be there in the pmp exam.
how many math questions will be in the pmp exam and what formulaes are required?
Can you please provide any 15 mins brain dump with formulaes that you used for the exam and what topics/books to cover for sums/mathematical questions. Please advise.

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While there is no fixed rule, Maths questions can vary from 5 to 30 questions. Again, dont quote me, its based on what I read here.

Also dont sweat too much if you dont know a particular concept of maths, you are not likely to get more than 2 questions. But understand the network diagram calculations well.

 Mathematical questions are generally from Cost and Procurement. Also expect questions related to calculating float using networks.