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I took my PMP exam on Nov 2015 and failed. Now, I want to take exam again Do I need to fill the new application ? Do I need to get again 35PDU'S? Can I re-submit the old application form ? Kindly please let me know.

 I need to know how to avoid an audit application?


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Its hard time when you fail the test. To start with I would say read this post


Your 35 contact hours will be valid and there is no need to take another 35 hours training.


Audit is a random process. There is no real need to avoid that unless you have faked the hours. So dont worry about that.


You are allowed three attempts at passing the exam within your one-year eligibility period. Failing that, you must wait one year from your last try before attempting the exam again, but you can apply for other PMI credentials like PMI ACP etc,.  If your one-year eligibility period expires before you pass the exam, you must reapply and pay the required fees again.  the re-examination fee is $275 for members and $375 for non-members

That is sad but don't worry. You will have better luck next time.

You should start with determining what was the reason for not getting through. You must determine the root cause of failing. I have written a post titled 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam You should read this post. This will help you in determining the root cause.

After reading the post, give yourself some time and and think about each point. You should and revise your preparation strategy, if needed.

Secondly you should read the following articles:

1. 6 Reasons To Do A PMP Training Again

2. PMI PMP Audit Process

3. Validity of Contact Hours

Good luck.

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It depend on when your PMP application was approved, i can see you gave exam in Nov 2015, but when did you applied for it to PMI , from the application approval date you get one year time to give the exam and during this time you do not have to fill the application and even your retake fee is 275 USD. Once this one year period passes, you need to fill the fresh application. Fresh application does not mean training again it only mean filling the details and again paying the full fee and geting application approved.

You may check our video on Filling up PMP application here :