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During the PMP real exam, if we need to take a break once the exam (timer) starts, is there any provision to stop the test (and the timer) and re-take the test from the point where we stopped?



Dear Javeed:

Once the clock starts ticking, please go ahead and take as many breaks as  you want but the clock will not stop.


I am not a PMP, however, I am aware of these jovialities.




hi i need latest questions of PMI exam of i need urgently for exam preparation

you can take break during the PMP exam as much as you can but your time will be runing during exam also you can not stop that time.

Only if one has an upset stomach. Then YES. Otherwise the counter wouldn't care to stop.

Just kidding!

~ Diba

 It will not stop!. All your breaks are factored into the 4 hours. Good luck!!.

Dear, 4hr is the exam duration and 200 questions.....minimum 30mins are required to attempt 50 Qs then you are able complete the exam otherwise it would get rough

Good Luck


Rgds/ -Tahir 

 Time is the second biggest challenge.

The first is your nerves;)  keeping your negative thoughts away and going ahead with single minded focus . This is not easy especially if you get tough questions in the beginning.

You can take a time out, but the clock keeps ticking.  You need time you break as there are others taking tests and could queue up ahead of you to get back in.  Keep that in mind.   I just passed back on July 6.  After 3 hours I took a check and decided to keep on going, using my 10 minutes for a break instead to focus on the exam.  It is up to you. If you can hold on, then do so as you might need every second to complete the test and all questions marked for review.   Here are my lessons leaned including test timeing here on PM Zilla.  Tahir, hope this will give you encouragement and options.   You can do this, now act as you cannot fail.

Hi Javeed,

Yes, you can take a break. This scenario is similar to any exam you take in the future. Just to let you know, some of them would have faced the same during their school/college days. Please apply the same thought here

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I too feel relaxed and cool after knowing that one can take break during the exam It will help in reducing stress and tension which consequently enhances the performance. THANKS A LOT.

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The clock never stop.