please HELP! Exam application problem


I got this email this morning from PMI, and now I don’t know what to do next …
it’s the second time PMI denies my PMP exam application, and I want to take the exam
before June 30th. Please I need your help.

 Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance to


Dear Sergio


Thank you for your interest
in the PMP credential.


PMI contacted you via email
on 5 March 2009, requesting that you update your project descriptions so we
could determine your role on the submitted projects.


Unfortunately, upon review
of your resubmitted application we have determined that you did not lead and
direct cross-functional teams per the role definition we provided you in our
previous correspondence.


Therefore, we regret to
inform you that your PMP application has been rejected.


All candidates are asked to
adhere to PMI’s rigorous eligibility requirements; failure on our part to uphold
these requirements jeopardizes the integrity of the PMP credential.


We hope once you are able to
meet the PMP credential eligibility requirements, you will reapply for the PMP
credential at that time. 



Hello Sergio,

I know getting that response from PMI must have been tough. The application process can be very challenging. I can help you and coach your through the entire application. Please contact me at or vist the site for detail information. Contact me ASAP so that we can get you focused on the exam!

Best Wishes,

PM Application Coach

I got the same message from PMI today but then they recalled the message right after does anyone know what this means did I get rejected or not?

Call PMI at 610-356-4600 so that you can have all the details directly from them. You should be able to  re-submit once you better define your project descriptions. If you want coaching or an example application with more detail...we can help you. We look forward to hearing about your application. Don't stress have help now.