PDU's for maintaining PMP certification


I have to accumulate the PDU's to maintain my PMP certification. Any particular vendor i could approach where i can take courses year on year to maintain my certification?

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You can pay a coure to continue study, you can do activities volunteer or you can find some website to get free PUDs for example: http://projectmanagementlearning.blogspot.com/

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There are numerous courses on completion of which you can earn PDUs. May be you can sign up for any such courses from a reputed brand. VMedu is one such training provider. They have courses for Scrum and Agile certifications(www.Scrumstudy.com), Risk Management course etc.. which can help you in earning PDUs.

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There are free and paid methods to get PDUs. If you are really intersted in taking some course, i would suggest go for that method. There are many other free ways of getting PDUs, which is listed here as first post in this forum http://pmzilla.com/24-real-methods-get-your-free-pdus-pmp-pmirmp-pmisp-p...

 Hi I would just contact PMstudy... they provide few options to maintain you pdu's

Login to thier site -www.pmstudy.com.

you will get contact details and then have a word  to find answer for you question. 

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I would suggest you to take up associated courses of PMstudy. There are various other courses that they offer, which you can take up to accumulate PDUs and they will be surely be as good as the course of PMstudy.


You can go for professional courses by Simplilearn to earn PDUs to maintain your PMP certification.


To the best of my information, one of the PMI R.E.P.s called Knowledgewoods is offering certain online courses that'll help you earn upto 60 PDUs in a single shot. I was just going through their website when i came to know about these courses. I am providing below the link to their webpage. Just go through...m sure you'll find this helpful