PDU's after clearing PMP

Dear All:

This is for those who have just cleared their PMP examination, once you clear the exam you cannot immediately submit or claim your pdu's after passing your PMP since it takes almost four to six weeks for your claim webpage to be created. So once you are on the claim webpage and it does not authorises you that means your webpage is still not created. So do not worry guys it would take some time for PMI to create it. Incase should you dont get access to the Claim PDU's webpage then get intouch with PMI for rectifying this problem. 

I hope this information would be useful to all of you :) See you later with more topics in this forum. 

Hi Admin: Thanks for opening this forum really a nice place to share post PMP subjects. 


Bhupesh Mansukhani, PMP

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What are the effective ways of acheiving the 60 PDUs in 3 years. I went through the list and it only suggests more work than preparing and clearing the PMP  examination. 60 PDU in 3 years seems very achieveable but its not easy.

To my knowledge the easiest way to learn and  achieve PDUs is to take some specialization certificates. Is there any one planning to take the PMP-SP or PMP-RMP certification? I believe that we can adjust the points that we get in PMP-SP towards our PMP credentails.


Hi Sujit:

There are many answers to this:

1. You can take up a training or specialised project management training which can give you some PDU's 

2. Also try to attend the lecture series conducted by some REP's , I attended one last week and I got 5 pdu's for that, sometimes they are free and sometimes they charge you. 

3. You can also visit PMI site they offer you various ways to earn your pdu's, such as attending conferences etc. 

4. Earning PMP-SP or PMP-RMP certifications is totally another thing, I think you need some eligibility criteria for that may be you can check that out. 

I'll keep updating this thread regularly with various ways of earning PDU's.


Bhupesh Mansukhani, PMP




Hi Bhupesh

 Thanks for the reply. Yes there are some criteria that we need to meet before we can take PMP-SP or PMP-RMP. I am talking in terms of the CCR cycle of 3 years before which we would be able to meet the criteria and also appear for the exam. 

One teaching session earns us 5 points and other offerings like the lecture series by REC's also get us 5 points. If the REC's have to be paid for then I might as well end up paying lot more. That is why I am thinking of less costlier way (but should also provide a good learning experience) to achieve the 60 PDUs.

I am also going to do some research into this to see what other ways we can achieve the 60 PDUs with minimal cost impact ( and  providing a good learning curver) :-) . I will also keep posting as and when I get some information.

Sujit PMP

Hi Sujit:

It will be difficult for someone to provide 60 PDU's in one shot, I think we need to collect PDU's here, the company I am working with, has a tie up for its internal certifications with PMI, so there are several courses for our employees after completing them people earn 15, 20 or 25 PDU's also but this is not an option for others who are not working in the company that I work for. Well here is a site that I came across you can earn 15 PDU's straight without spending a single penny by just listening to their project management courses.


Have a look at yourself at the aforesaid site, incase if you come with something please post it here, will be beneficial for all :)


Bhupesh Mansukhani, PMP 

Hi Bhupesh

Thanks for the link. I am going through it. It is very informative. I am collecting information from all my friends on how to earn the PDUs. I will let you know as soon as I find anything useful.

Thanks again for posting the link. . 

Sujit PMP

Hello Everyone:

I forgot to mention that after earning 60 PDU's in your CCR, you also need to submit a fees of 60$(for PMI Members) and 150$ (for non-PMI members) , so in a nutshell you need 60 PDU's + the aforementioned fees.


Bhupesh Mansukhani,PMP

Do you mean every 3 years, we will have to shell out 150$?

The best way to collect PDUs is to do a course on Agile and Scrum. It will help you to earn close to  60 PDUs and also enhance your project management skills.  Visit:www.scrum-master.info for guidance

Hi Sujit,

Here I am sharing some of the sources where you can earn free PDUs. Take Scrum Fundamental Certified course offered by SCRUMstudy.com. This is a free online course which will help you earn 10 PDUs. The other source is Six Sigma Yellow belt certification offered by 6sigmastudy.com. This course is also free and will help you earn 8 PDUs with this course. So, in total you will earn 18 PUDs for free from these 2 sources. The other courses which will help you earn PDUs are mentioned on PMstudy.com website. Hope this information helps you.



Thnaks for the post. i just tried and got 18PDUs. god bless you.



You can gain a whole bunch of PDUs in a very short time while learning from world-renown IT leaders at the IT Management Conference in NYC.

Full PDU info: http://www.ManageIT.me/pdu/pmi

The following sessions may be eligible for full or partial PDU credit

* BPM and Project Oriented Processes
Dr. M. A. Ketabchi, President, CEO & Founder of Savvion, Led creation of the first BPM product
* Creating a Sustainable IT Culture for Innovation, Design and Quality
Richard Sheridan, CEO of Menlo Innovations, Pioneer of Agile eXtreme Programming
* Express Enterprise Architecture
Raymond Bordogna, PMP, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of LiquidHub
* How to Shine in a Dark Economy
Pamela Rucker, Vice President of IT for PSC
* Leading Projects from a Centralized PMO is the Opposite of Good Project Management Practice
Thomas Boyce, PMP, Deputy CIO & Director of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
* Managing Large Cross Functional Projects
Grace Monahan, VP & CIO of Henry Schein, North America, Chair of the LISTNET CIO Council
* PMP: Not a Destination. Journeys of the Master Project Manager™
Judy Balaban, PMP, Senior Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield
* Practical Agile: Lessons from the Trenches
Serena Ness, PMP, Project Management Lead for HBO

The following sessions may be eligible for partial PDU credit

* From Wires and Transistors to Commercial Technologies: The Technology Leader’s Role in Ideation
Chris Kalish, Director & CTO of GE edgelab
* IT Centralization and Consolidation Work!
John A. Glowacki Jr., Corporate VP & CTO of CSC
* Lead The Change
Judy Balaban, PMP, Senior Managing Director of Cushman & Wakefield
* Leading Business Transformation with Enterprise IT
Murali Kaundinya, VP & Chief Innovation Architect of UnitedHealth Group
* When IT and Facilities Merge: Designing and Managing Next-Gen Data Centers
Ben Grimes, CTO & SVP of Avocent Corporation

Conference info: www.ManageIT.me

Just look at http://pdu4free.com , you can find many opportunities with 3 PDUs (mostly category 3 PDUs - webinars from R.E.P.)



Hi Mateusz
 Thanks for the information. I was targetting 15 PDUs for self study, 15 for Project Management (5 PDUs a year) and the rest 30 through conducting classes in my office for PMP aspirants. Every 3 months we have 40 - 50 people being trained for PMP so thought of cashing in on it. Nevertheless this is a very valuable information and will help me to achieve our goal of 60 PDUs easily.


Sujit PMP

You can read this article for several ways to earn PDUs and maintain your PMP certification:

PMP Re-certification: How to get my 60 PDUs?








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You have to earn these 60 PDU's and they are excluded from the 35 PDU's earlier.

The 35 PDU's are for the Exam requirements and they are burnt as you give the exam.


Kind regards,

The PMP guru


PMP Guru;

hope you are fine and thanx for the kind reply, Please tell me i want to collect 15 PDU for SDL by reading project management books. Kindly tell me which books exactly should i  read and after reading how to reference them in pmi website?

awaiting your kindly reply.


Imran, PMP.

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Hi Imran,


I don't think with reading books you can claim your PDU's (I will double check again).

For PDU's:

1: Either you attend the Local Chapter Seminar's etc and they give you the Code's to submit it in PMI for your PDU's and each seminar normally worth a couple of PDU's.

2: Listen to the Free Podcast's that are offered by many organizations.

3: PMI itself also offer's PDU's by attending there Seminar's and also with there Pocast's (Not Free).

These Three quickly came in my mind, If you are interested then I will try to write all the means and places where you can get your PDU's.


Kind regards,

The PMP Guru


Dear PM Guru;


Kindly tell me how to listen to pm podcasts. Podcasts are available on webisites but after listening to them how to reference them under category 2-SDL. bec. on pmi site you have to give details as phone, code etc...plz guide me through details of that


also on one site it was mentioned that you can read pm books and claim 15 pdu / 3 year cycle.

kindly help,



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Dear Imran,

According to The PMP Credential Handbook, One can claim PDU from a book as well.

Please download PMI's Credential handbook from :


There are Two Ways to Claim PDU's.

1: PMI encourages Oline: http://www.pmi.org/ccrs

2: Complete and send electronic Copies after downloading this Form and send:

Please downlaod this Form to submit an electronic copy.


** E-mail the PDU Activity Reporting Form to:


** Mail the completed PDU Activity Reporting Forms to:
Project Management Institute
Attn: CCR Records Office
14 Campus Blvd
Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA

** Fax the Activity Reporting Form to PMI, CCR Records Office:

+1 484 631 1332

I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards,

The PMP Guru


 Hi Bhupesh, Sujit & Admin,

Bhupesh & Sujit- Thanks for this insights

Adming- Thanks for the forum.

I have cleared PMP exam before a couple of days, dont know more on maintaining PDU's but will post more as & when  icome to know about it.

Thanks Guys,




Scrum and Agile certifications are the best ways to accumulate PDUs.

visit www.Scrum-master.info for reviews on Scrum and Agile courses

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