Passed the SP Exam

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Dear All,

Pleased to announce that I've passed the exam last week. Here's my LL for the exam:

Questions is not time management specific, please expect questions from all knowledge areas. I couldn't believe my eyes when i got a question about communication channel :)

Read about scheduling in program management, how the project schedule trace to the master schedule, etc.

Expect questions on using productivity index.

Read the Practice Standards, understand what is schedule model and how the process of creating a schedule model.

Expect a lot of questions regarding changes.

Read a bit about agile and the way agile project schedules.

Off course, expect questions on PERT and EVM.

Be convenience on developing PDM with leads and lags.


That's it, guys. Hopefully you can find some use from this post. Be sure to have fun on your learning process. Good luck.

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Congratulations and thanks for this post

Congratulations! You've passed the exams! It is the result of preparation, hard work. Well done!