Passed PMP today 18-Nov

 Hey Guys,

Passed the test today in Delhi,India. Wanted to share my exp for other people's benefit.
Started prep on 2nd Nov by getting hold of Rita 6th edition and pmbok. I had to give exam asap due to some personal reasons and hence was aiming for as quick a time as possible.
This is how i prepared :- (this is certainly not the right way. The correct way is what most people suggest on this forum and certainly one needs more time. I am mentioning mine just to give people confidence incase they are worried).
Read Rita x 2. Spent 2 days to complete it in first try and then skimmed through it later in 1 day.Read pmbok in one day. Since i didnt have too much time, focused on giving a lot of sample tests. I first did all the questions at the  back of Rita's chapters. initially as expected i got a lot of them wrong and it was disheartening as I wasnt ready/prepared enough. But it did help me in knowing what to study. Started doing a lot of online free practice exams. Made a lot of my own notes while studying. Did not mug up/memorize the ITTO's but tried to learn them by actually figuring out the process when answering questions.
I had earlier booked exam for 16th but midway thought it was too soon. then shifted 2 days ahead to 18th as could not have waited any longer. In the end I didnt really study  day before exam and just chilled.
Time spent everyday: 7-8 hours and 1 day out of weekend was free/no study day.
I took all free tests Oliver, Rita PM Fastrack V6 and pmstudy 1st test free and paid 25$ for end test. I always scored 65-75% on these. Never got 80 =)
NOW the exam:
I do not think overall it was hugely tough compared to sample tests. Some of the sample tests are really too hard but they help you to prepare. It seems I gave a risk and procurement exam as that was how HIGH number of questions I got on these. 
Also unlike some of you mentioned, I did not get really tough ones in the starting. The most tough ones were in the middle.

good work - sounds intense!

I think the work you did internalizing (instead of just memorizing) the processes was probably very beneficial...I need to spend more time doing that instead of coming up with memory tricks.