Passed PMP on Jun 12

Hi Friends,

                 I passed the PMP exam on June 12. All the credits to God, my Wife and PMzilla and its content creators. Here's my 2 cents to help others pass.

To my surprise, the exam was difficult. I didnt have even a minute to spare of the 4 Hours. I was scoring between 80% to 90% in all the simulated exams. 

Project Closure and PMI code of Ethics and professional conduct were the toughest areas. And unfortunately the PMP prep books do not elaborate in detail on these topics.

Here are some tips which might be useful for the exam takers.

1. Memorize all the process definitions in chapter 3 of PMBOK. These are quite simple and will help you eliminate ambiguous choices.

2. WBS, Earned Value and Quality Control Tools. Very easy concepts and most scoring areas for the exam. 

3. Safari has 60 good questions on Professional Responsibility. These are the best I could find on the web. It will help you decide when to inform PMI incase of any ethics violations. The link is

4. I read PMBOK and Rita's book thrice. I made notes while studying. And these proved really helpful on the day of the exam. This helped me go through the concepts in just a couple of hours.

5. Take as many Simulated exams as possible. But be very careful with the answers provided. They were sometimes directly in conflict the PMBOK. So watchout for such tests.

6. I don't think it is absolutely necessary to memorize ITTO if you understand the concepts well and know the process flow well.

Mapping of the Project Management Processes to the Project Management Process Groups and the Knowledge Areas on Page 70 and High Level Summary of Process Groups’ Interactions on Page 40 of PMBOK. Do memorize both of these. The former will help in deciding what happens when and the latter will help in Inputs and outputs.

7.  And last but not the least, the Lessons learnt of other successful candidates was definitely helpful.

I hope the above tips were helpful.

All the Best.


God Bless...






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Good writeup Mir and congratulations on this achievement. Glad to know that PMzilla helped you in your journey.