Passed PMP First Attempt 10-Sep-2015

Hello All,

Today, I passed PMP in First Attempt and got Proficient in all 5 Process Groups.

I am really thankful to this site and the members. Infact, whenever I was getting demotivated I used to read the lesson learned shared by the members as well as questions posted by the members.

I read Nisha Rai Lesson Learnt ( three to four times in order to make sure I am on right track and referred the youtube video of "Saket Bansal - PMP Study Plan | IZenBridge"

Below are my Lesson Learnt:-

Study Time - 4 months - Daily 2 hrs. Weekend 8 to 10 hrs.

1) Read Rita Book, 3 to 4 times. Practiced the chapter exams multiple times and read explanation for each answer.

2) Read PMBOK , 3 to 4 times.

3) Free Youtube videos IZENBRIDGE - Sanket Bansal ( He has explained many difficult concepts very well. His Earned Value calculation videos are excellent.

4) Free --> - IZENBRIDGE has uploaded all the PMP Maths and Formulae Related Topics. It’s free. Very excellent site which clearly explains all the PMP related numerical.

5) Regarding ITTO -- I was never ever able to learn ALL the ITTOs by heart. Therefore, as I was reading PMBOK, these ITTOs concept started getting clear to me. I mainly focussed on Tools and Techniques of all the processes, which then helped me to remember some inputs and outputs, but still not all.

I took the below Free Tests only. I did not took any paid tests.

1) Christopher Scordo - Free for PMI Members. I practiced all the questions twice. Really nice book, made me read PMBOK multiple times.

2) Oliver Lehmann -175 Ques - PDF + 75 questions. - Practiced Twice, to gain confidence. Explanation for all difficult questions is available on our PMZILLA site. This really helped me.


4) Izenbridge – Free Practice Test (100 questions).


6) (Free 4 Tests of 200 Questions each.)






I took one week off from the office and dedicatedly studied for 12 to 14 hrs in last one week.

I scanned through PMBOK and Rita Book multiple times in last one week and took all the practice exams present at the end of the chapters of Rita Book.

Me and my family prayed to God to give me success.

Thanks and Best Regards

Hemald (PMP).



Thanks for sharing the LL experience.



Thanks Thiru

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Wow. A 5P after a long time. Many congratulations and great to know that PMZilla was of help. 

Dear All

PMZILLA was the key motivator.

I really appreciate the great work contributed on this website.

All doubts/questions/queries have answers on this website.

I appreciate this great effort.

Thanks and Best Regards




Also wanna know your if you are already working as PM or assistant to PM prior to study for this exam? Or what relevant work experience did you have before studyig?

Because I want to know how this can help in my study for the exam.

Thanks yummy_d

I am working as a PM.


Members of the PMP have passed this test to attempting at least for the many times and you has passed first time that is strange to hear. I will accept you when to attempt first for australia essay writing service that PMP is not comparing with it.