Passed the PMP Exam today, 10/08/2010

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I’m happy to let you know that I got to pass the PMP exam today. Follows my strategy for studying for the exam, I hope it will be useful for future exam takers:

1.      Books Used: 

  1. Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep v 6.0
  2. Head First PMP 1st Edition
  3. PMBOK®Guide  4 Edition


2.      How I studied for the exam:


I studied an average of 2 hours from Monday to Friday and 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday for nearly 3 months. I began studying the books and doing their exercises.


After that, I started to do mock tests, here’s the list of those that are worth a check:


1.       Oliver Lehman (





6.       Head First mock exam at the end of the book


The mock exams above will provide you with more than a 1000 questions to practice. By the time you get between 70-80% of correct answers on the exams, you can consider taking the PMP exam for real. worked great for me, the material available is very good and the forums are a great source of help. Thank you very much to all of you who make this community so helpful!

Good Luck!



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Congratulations Cristian. Thanks a lot for sharing your LL. Really glad to know that PMZilla material was of great help to you