Passed PMP Exam (2nd Attempt) - The Dos and Don'ts!

Hi Everyone, 

I successfully passed the PMP exam (2nd attempt) on October 19th, 2015 and would like to share my experience with you. First and foremost, I would like to say, NEVER GIVE UP!! :D My total time for studying was 3 months, with a very flexible schedule.

My first attempt was 8 months ago. The following are my lessons learned:

1) 1ST ATTEMPT: I scheduled the exam during a time when I had many distractions (my upcoming, destination, wedding :) ) and I also underestimated the level of detailed knowledge required for this exam!!!– WHAT I DID BETTER THIS TIME: I scheduled the exam for when things were calm and my mind was free; I really isolated myself and stayed focused. I had a schedule and I stuck to it. 

2) 1ST ATTEMPT: I skipped reading PMBOK and used prior notes I had from a PM course I had taken along with Rita Mulcahy's book. THIS TIME: One chapter at a time, I went through PMBOK, making notes and then would read the corresponding chapter in Rita. I then would complete the chapter-end questions of Rita, followed by chapter-end questions in HeadFirst. Finally, I would review anything that was unclear.

3) THIS TIME: I thoroughly studied PMBOK’s Data Flow Diagrams for each of the 47 processes and I focused a LOT more on ITTOs. I did my best to understand, rather than memorize. I spent a lot of time making sure I had the ORDER of planning processes from Rita’s process chart memorized and understood! I researched tools, definitions, examples of anything which was still unclear. Youtube has some excellent videos, which helped me better retain certain concepts.

4) 1ST ATTEMPT: I was scoring in the mid-high 70s range on Rita Mulcahy FastTrack exams so I thought I was ready – THIS TIME: I completed a VARIETY of exams (Lehmann, Rita FastTrack and Super PMP, HeadFirst) and I did not base my scores on whether or not I think I  may pass or fail. I focused on if I knew all concepts and if I had any gaps.

5) THIS TIME: I reviewed all of my notes 2-3 times and really made sure I understood EVERYTHING!

The following are some resources you may find useful:

Free full 200 question test

oliver lehmann 175 questions

Free full test and free material including videos and study material for the first two chapters

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As a PMP and someone who helps clients Pass the PMP on their Second Attempt I thought your points were excellent.

Your 2nd Point was for me, your best point.  Too many PMP students NEVER read PMBOK thoroughly.  They often read Rita's book as a replacement.  Bad method.

Recently, one of my PMP 2nd Attempt students passed the PMP test in Colorado, USA.  A key point in her success was reading both PMBOK 5 and Rita's book side by side.  Rita's book isn't magical, what is helpful is reading PMBOK 5 with a good complementary book (Rita, Sohel Akhter, Crowe, Heldman, etc.).

Congratulations again on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
Passing the PMP on Your 2nd Try
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i like the way you have compared 1st and 2nd attempt. Good post , Thanks for sharing and congratulations. 

Thank you all for your kind words.

I am currently on a job hunt and I must say, I feel a lot more confident with my new designation. It is important to always keep a competitive edge and have something new to add to your CV. I have been receiving more calls for interviews since obtaining this new designation. I guess it was worth the effort!

All the best,