passed PMP exam 17th March 2011

 I passed my PMP exam yesterday...

Here is my lesson learned


I planned my study 3 months ahead of my exam date but I really sat down and studied the last 10 days ; 8 hours per day...I read Rita, 3 times; it doesn`t matter how many times you read the book, try to understand the concept. For me, this book is enough to pass the exam. I didn’t read PMBOK except flipped through it just to make me feel good :)


But I did practiced heaps of questionaires, I took Rita fasttrack, PM Study, Headfirst, Sybex and Oliver Lehmann. 

Referred to Pmzilla website for LL and read all the tips..


On the exam day :

I didn’t managed to do a brain dump as I accidently pressed the start button, and I realized that the exam has started, so I panicked and was very nervous answering the first ten questions. I managed to complete the exam questionnaires in 3 hours and spend another half an hour just going through all the questions..


....I was glad to read on the screen..congratulations, PASS..

Hope this will help...Good luck to everyone...

You Can Do IT


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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for sharing your experience.